Hotel Kamzík

Come to visit our hotel Kamzik placed in a beautiful scenery of Jeseniky mountains, just steps away from the many ski slopes and hiking trails. Relax and enjoy yourself in any season and breathe fresh mountain air.

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About us

Hotel Kamzík Mountains - About Us

Hotel Kamzík wants to offer individuals, groups, families, sports and special interest sections, working groups, businesses, relaxation and sporting activities, sport teams appropriate conditions for sports, relaxation, education and relaxation. This offers a nice and quiet evening sitting in a bar over a glass of excellent Moravian wines
in conjunction with music and dance, to make new friendships.

In spring and summer Mountains offer peace and relaxation, walking and cycling tours in support of buses, but also visit interesting places, castles, caves, technical monuments and buildings, dams.
You can visit the current seasonal events organized by the municipalities, cities and interest groups in our region.
Stay in an attractive environment Jeseníky which are included among the cleanest air in Central Europe, added a variety of hotel services such as Kamzík hotel massage or whirlpool, sauna, gym.