Hotel Kamzík

Come to visit our hotel Kamzik placed in a beautiful scenery of Jeseniky mountains, just steps away from the many ski slopes and hiking trails. Relax and enjoy yourself in any season and breathe fresh mountain air.

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Hotel Kamzík

Address and contact

Karlov pod Pradědem 182
793 36 Malá Morávka

Telefon:  00420 554 721 170


Hotel Kamzík in Jeseniky


Hotel Kamzík is located in the village of Karlov pod Pradědem (720 m above sea level), which is part of the village Mala Morávka in the foothills of Hrubý Jeseník.
As you can indicate from the name of the village, we are almost below the highest peak of Hrubý Jeseník - Praděd.
This area is located in the Jeseníky protected landscape area. Karlov first mentioned at the end of the 17th century.
At that time, mining and iron and non-ferrous metallurgy prospered. The inhabitants of that time lived in row houses, which today belong to the monuments of folk architecture. The wooden village is complemented by the temple of the Holy Trinity from the 18th century.

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